A leader in heat treatment, Industrial Thermal Services, LLC is one of the most in-demand heat treatment companies in the nation, and at the request of our clients we are excited to announce our specialty services division. In addition to the top-quality services we provide, we are also known for our rapid response time, highly trained technicians, and modern-reliable equipment. From plant turnarounds, capital projects, refinery expansions and preventive maintenance ITS, LLC promises safe and quality customer satisfaction.


Industrial Thermal Services has served our customers across the nation in the heat treating and field machining industries with safety, quality, and integrity. Our skilled technicians not only bring the right tools for the job, they diagnose and assess what’s happening on the job in order to provide the best most cost-effective service possible.

Heat Treatment

More often referred to as “Stress Relief,” the correct terminology is Post Weld Heat Treatment, as heat treatment provides something more than just a basic relief of stresses. The purpose of PWHT is to increase the integrity of the structure and prevent fracturing during fabrication. It is driven by code and/or environmental conditions.
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Furnace Heating

The welding process produces severe temperature/metallurgical changes causing residual stresses in the weldment. Post Weld Heat Treating is applied to restore the desired physical properties of the weldment by eliminating residual stresses, reducing hardness, increasing resistance to corrosion and stress-corrosion cracking, and reducing the possibility of brittle fracture failures.

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Specialty Services

As a division of ITS, LLC – Specialty Services compliments our heat treating service line as an overall solution to better serve our customers. Our employees are some of the elite in the industry, averaging a minimum of 15 years experience. From capital projects to preventative maintenance, ITS, LLC Specialty Services promises safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.
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CITGO MDA - May 26, 2019


CITGO MDA - May 26, 2019

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St. Judes Golf Tournament - April 13, 2019

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Our highest priority at ITS,LLC is the safety of our employees, clients, other contractors and the general public. We are committed to safety excellence and strive daily for zero injuries and incidents.

At ITS,LLC we have created, are constantly developing, and are continually improving our Safety Culture to provide a safe work place, safe equipment, safe working methods, and safe working practices.

From the newest helper, to our technicians, up through corporate leadership, we reflect a culture of zero accidents and incidents proven by our safety record.

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