About Us

About Us


By maintaining the highest level of quality in heat-treatment technology and services INDUSTRIAL THERMAL SERVICES, LLC continues to lead the industry improving its products and services as technology improves.



Industrial Thermal Services, LLC will not compromise safety. Our organization aspires to perform the job right the first time without incident. Our safety record speaks for itself. Safety has to be the most important value of a company for it to be successful.


A very important value of Industrial Thermal Services, LLC. We strive for the highest level of quality collectively as a company we can provide. Quality within Industrial Thermal Services, LLC is considered a very important value. If work is held to the highest quality standards, we believe it will be done once and done right thus maximizing productivity which in turn saves the client money.

Customer Satisfaction

Industrial Thermal Services, LLC believes customer satisfaction is very important. Because of this we provide the highest level of technical support thus saving customers money by performing the job right the first time. As a member of our customer base, we can be relied upon to recommend solutions, which are always in the best interest of the client.


Another important part of an organization. Whether it consists of employees or clients’, people are the most important resource of any organization. People shall be considered number one. They will be treated fair and consistent with company policies and procedures. They shall receive open communications and equal opportunity. We insist upon further educating, training, challenging work environments, and development of all its employees to produce the highest quality product for its customers.

Integrity and Honesty

This is a very important aspect of quality. Without these two values no company can be successful. Industrial Thermal Services, LLC shall meet or in most cases exceed all codes, standards, and requirements to maintain the highest level of integrity and honesty. This will not be compromised. Our customers deserve it.