With growing competition in the Gulf Coast area there are a few facilities that can compare to ITS’s size and quality, there are none who have our safety record.

Our goal is to provide some background about how we do business, what it is like to join our company, the opportunities provided in our state-of-the-art facilities, and what you can expect if you choose to trust us. 

What Sets Us Apart?

If you were to talk with our customers, they would tell you we are consistent and highly capable. If you ask our team, they’d say our training and safety record sets us apart. In general, you will hear how
we are able to tackle the toughest projects with our highly trained technicians and fast response times.

But what really makes us superior boils down to a single phrase, we strive to do better.

ITS was founded in 2006 with a vision to provide the industry with a better experience and higher-quality services. All our hiring, purchasing, and training decisions are centered around our goal to become the number one choice for heat treating and specialty services. 

What Benefits Do We Provide?

First and foremost, we provide safe conditions. For over 15 years, we have not had a single OSHA recordable. Our foundation begins with the enforcement of strict health and safety protocols. Our achievements are possible because of our implementation, training and safety incentives. 
We also ensure we employ the highest caliber of personnel and furnish them with all of the resources they need to hone their skills.

Our benefits include:

● Competitive Pay
● Safety Incentive / Reward System
● Superior Quality PPE Gear
● Opportunities for Advancement
● Training by the Best Techs in the Industry
● Challenging and Fulfilling Work
● Health Insurance
● 401K

We Are Proud To Grow

Doing business our way has had amazing results. We continue to grow from referrals and our strong relationships with Citgo, Phillips 66, Sasol, Motiva, Delek, and other major players in the industries of Petro, Chemicals, Fabrication and Power.

We are proud to have 6 different locations with hundreds of consoles and some of the largest furnaces in the Gulf Coast. We boast in house services that include but are not limited to manufacturing our own heat treatment consoles, equipment, and wireless technology. We provide company owned isolation tools, consistently upgrading, and updating our equipment and cutting machines. Other In-house and on-site services include  

● Field machining
● Cold cutting
● Hydrostatic Weld Testing 
While we have the opportunity to expand even further, we are committed to controlling our growth to guarantee we can always provide the highest quality of services. 
Your skills or maintenance contract could be what’s needed for the next step.

Looking for Work?

We’re always accepting applications for talented technicians. Join our Team and see for yourself what it’s like to work for ITS. 

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